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Words that convince.

Sentences that connect.

Texts that speak.

Specialist translations & interpretaTion

Translations that ensure a better understanding.

We translate and establish connections. Into and from the languages French, Italian, English, German, Spanish as well as others on request.

Textual conception

Texts that make a difference.


We make every effort to understand your communication goals and give your messages that certain something. Inspiring others with your ideas, communicating on an equal footing – this is our goal.

Proofreading & localisation

Ensuring that your customers understand you correctly.

From menus to websites, from catalogues to business reports – nothing is beyond our capabilities. We can help you to avoid linguistic blunders and forge close links with customers.



Glass Buildings

Architecture and construction


Manufacturing industry


Banking & insurance




Marketing &

About me


For the communication scientist Paul Watzlawick, reality is what we make of it. Is the glass half-full or half-empty? It depends on the observer because everyone is the designer of his own reality.


As a child of two cultures, I have acquired a perfect command of two native languages and thus also a passion for languages. After a one-year stay abroad in Italy, I started my Romance and German Studies at the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf, including an additional qualification German as a Foreign Language. My main languages were French, Italian and German, but also some Spanish and Portuguese.

In order to also be able to do translations of commercial texts, I decided to take the examination for a state-certified translator at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. On this basis, I founded Translanguage in 1997 and established a freelancer pool to offer local and Germany-wide language solutions from a single source. With this baggage, I moved to Switzerland in 2011 – nearby yet very special. Finance, insurance, telecommunications, tourism and above all Swiss German and Swiss French – these were the new challenges. Since then, several very intensive and exciting years have passed and I am very pleased to be able to offer this colourful portfolio in which I now specialise.

I can now look back on more than 25 years of experience in the field of specialist translations, proof-reading, textual conception, corporate communication and language training. With great clients from numerous industries including one-man businesses, SMEs as well as international corporations.

And perhaps you will soon belong to my client base?


I will gladly help you to create your textual realities – in various languages, appropriate to the media, situation and reader – with understanding, finesse and enjoyment.


Thank you!

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